Freight, Logistics and Distribution


This section describes Azyra's facilities for companies which operate their own vehicles – from the largest fleet to the smallest.


When you see Azyra, you'll be amazed at how it lets you mix and match full, part loads and groupage while providing the best traffic and fleet management you've seen.

Booking Jobs

You need minimum keystrokes to enter jobs as key details and instructions are pulled from the customers and addresses tables. Multi-point collections and drops are handled easily.


You can record not only the vehicles and jobs a driver is allocated to, but their timesheets, holidays, absences and all correspondence such as disciplinary notices.

Traffic Desk

The traffic desk screen makes it easy for any number of traffic planners to assign jobs to drivers, vehicles, trailers and containers. Instead of relying on memory for availability of drivers, vehicles and equipment, Azyra automatically filters their availability to match the jobs.

You can drill down easily to any job to get full details and history.


Unlike other transport systems, Azyra handles consolidation loads as effortlessly as single loads.


Vehicle facilities in Azyra include:

  • availability at any time
  • checklists and remedial action
  • cost history
  • jobs
  • refuelling and tolls.

Complex Jobs

A job can have any multiple drivers, vehicles or trailers. The time span for which each resource allocated is recorded.

Effective Costing

For really effective management information, you can apply standard costs and compare them with revenue and actual costs.

Everything you need

All the facilities described in the following sections are available to Transport operators:

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