Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Transit Warehousing

This section describes Azyra's transit warehousing, cross docking, and piece level facilities which are licenced separately. For break bulk, pick and pack and SKU level management, see Logistics.

Wireless Windows PDAs

Azyra warehousing uses state of the art Windows Mobile PDAs connected to your network via low cost wireless routers. This brings the full power of your Azyra SQL Server database right to the warehouse operators. They can see everything relevant about every manifest, job and piece – who it's coming from, where it is going, what transport has been planned and where it should be. Meanwhile office staff at any location can see all warehouse activity and details down to every piece.

Any Barcode

Azyra recognises piece barcodes in any format originated by yourselves, the customer or an agent. Barcode labels can be generated for goods which arrive without one. You can even create jobs from the PDA and print barcode labels.

Magic with EDI

Where an incoming manifest has been pre-advised by EDI, PDAs know exactly what to expect but the unexpected can easily be managed – such as short and over shipments and damage. Outturn details can be sent by EDI when each unit is fully unloaded.


The ease with which the movement and location of goods can be scanned and tracked makes it much easier to offer first class transit storage and to charge for it.

Cross Docking

When scanning a piece from an incoming load, the PDA shows where it should go – to an outgoing loading bay, vehicle/unit or storage – another big hit for Azyra's seamless integration of everything.

Work Flow Management

Real time scanning in the warehouse allows Azyra to present a real time control tower view of units scheduled, arrived and departed. The view is easily configurable and shows all details necessary for efficient management – including bays, vehicles, units, drivers, agents, quantities manifested and loaded/unloaded. You can drill-down to full job and piece details.

Warehouse Inventory

The warehouse inventory view shows comprehensive details of pieces intransit or storage at all warehouses. You can even filter on 'pieces left behind' to see pieces still in a warehouse but which are manifested on movements which have departed. Warehouse inventory can be verified easily by scanning and stray pieces can be identified instantly.

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