Freight, Logistics and Distribution


Margins in road freight, both domestic and international, are under continual competitive pressure while customers demand ever increasing levels of service. Until you've seen Azyra, you may not realise just how much your road freight business could be improved by more efficient transport planning and better costing information.

Everything you need for Road Freight

All the facilities described in the following sections apply equally to Road, Air and Sea:

Profitable Transport Planning

Because Azyra minimises the work involved in recording jobs, your staff can pay more attention to transport planning to deliver real cost saving while improving service. All the facilities described in Operations are at your fingertips to improve every aspect of road freight.

Regular Jobs

The regular jobs facility allows you to use any job as a template and specify which aspects are to be repeated – including the Bill of Lading, collection and delivery details, pricing and costing. If the quantities on the regular job vary, pricing and costing are automatically adjusted according to the relevant tariffs.

Precise costing for better Pricing and Targeting

Having the precise information always to hand on costs and profitability by route and by customer, enables you to fine tune your pricing and services to maximise margins.

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