Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Remote Offices

Azyra provides superb performance at remote locations with Windows Terminal Services. All you need at any location are PCs, printers and a broadband connection.

Unify your business

Not only do regional and overseas offices have seamless access to everything they need, you have full access to all their data and activities from any location. For example, within a job you can see all related emails sent and received regardless of the location of the staff.

Save costs and hassle

Apart from having no communications costs, you save all the expense and hassle of servers, backups and IT at different locations.

Move the job to the people

Tasks such as quotations, transport planning, customer service, purchasing and accounting can be done at whichever locations you have the people best qualified to handle them.

Staff on the move

Sales and operations staff on the move have seamless access to all the data they need. They can even issue quotations from anywhere with an internet connection.

Storm Proof

During the severe winter of 2010, some of our client staff could not reach their offices but were able to work uninterrupted from home via broadband.


As you read this, Azyra clients are running their companies across the globe from a single server at one of their head offices.


If you don't wish to have your own server, we can offer a hosting service leaving you with minimal IT requirements.

Software Development Graduates

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