Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Our Profile

Reputation for Quality

Our team has been in business for 22 years building a reputation for quality and an impressive list of clients in numerous countries who trust our software to run every aspect of their business. They also trust us to provide effective and friendly support.

World Class

In 1999, encouraged by our customers, we began a 5 year project to develop Azyra as a world class freight system based on Microsoft SQL Server. Azyra was released in early 2004 and rapidly adopted by large and small companies.

Continuous Detailed Improvement

One of our priorities was to build a technical foundation which would make it easy for us to continually improve Azyra to ensure it was always the best system available. The success of this is proven by the regular updates which our customers download to provide ever increasing benefits for their business.

Major Enhancements

In addition to detailed improvements, we provide a steady flow of major enhancements and options. Some examples in recent years include:

  • Wireless barcode scanning for all warehouse activities
  • 3PL Purchase Orders and Sales Orders
  • Automatic Alerts via Email, EDI and SMS
  • Rapid EDI development for all formats
  • Multi-Country facilities
  • Transit Warehousing

Coming Soon

We are well down the road with the Azyra phone App for transport vehicles which handles collections and deliveries and provides instant PODs.

Our Company

Azyra Systems is owned and managed by our development team who have combined experience of over 90 years in using, developing and supporting business systems. We work closely with both the Azyra Support Team and with our customers on improvements and new facilities.

Software Development Graduates

We are actively recruiting prospective and recent graduates in Engineering, IT, Maths and Science to join our world class software development team

Business Graduates

Join our world class team of Business Consultants.