Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Online Web Service

The Azyra Online Web Service is way ahead of the 'tracking' provided by other systems.

The Online Service covers:

  • Logistics Stock
  • Freight Jobs
  • 3PL Orders

As you'll see when you read the rest of this page, the Online Web Service not only raises your customer service to a new level but can be your principal marketing tool to stand out from the competion.

Online Bookings

We've had lots of compliments for Online Bookings facility. It's simple to use with dropdowns which prompt your customer with details of previous jobs – including names and addresses. They can even create jobs instantly from a list of their regular jobs and amend them if necessary.

When they submit a job, it's instantly confirmed with your job number and they can print piece labels.

What happens then?

Jobs booked online are automatically notified to designated staff and reminders will pop-up until the booking is checked for credit control and transport planned.

Track and Trace

Azyra's track and trace is far better than what you're accustomed to. Customers and agents can find their jobs easily on any of 15 search keys including their own and the names or references of senders, consignees and agents. Not to mention MAWB, HAWB, BOL, Customs Entry Number, DUCR, MUCR, Purchase Order, etc.

3PL Logistics Stock

Imagine making a presentation to a large logistics prospect and showing them how your online service gives them live access to every aspect of their stock:

  • balances
  • locations
  • transactions
  • history
  • picking activity
  • tracing

You can even show them how their staff can have full remote access to process transactions and print any report or download data to spreadsheets.

3PL Orders

Azyra's seamless integration of logistics stock, freight and 3PL orders lets you give your customer cradle to grave service online. They can see every aspect of their supply chain including:

  • orders
  • call-offs
  • dispatches
  • freight movements
  • stock
  • PODs

And they can browse smoothly from through all aspects at any level of detail. For example, they can see for any SKU, the customer and supplier orders, the dispatches in transit and their customs status, the quantities in stock and being picked at any warehouse, the quantities delivered and to whom, the serial numbers and rotations, quality issues and even view the PODs.

Not just POD Documents

You might expect that only PODs scanned appear online, but the Azyra Online Web Service can also show any job document or image you designate – for example, commercial invoices, certificates and damage reports.

Automatic links to Carriers Tracking

You can easily link your own tracking to that provided by a very wide range of carriers. So your customer can see a POD scanned by your German agent or the whereabouts of goods in a container to Singapore.

Your Customer's Customers

If your customer is a manufacturer or distributor, their customers can have direct access to their own orders.

Simple to install and no costs

The Azyra Online Web Service comes as standard and has no additional costs. It's easily installed on a PC connected to your database through a firewall.


Your customers, agents and business partners see only their own jobs and your network is protected from the Internet. The Online Web Service sits outside your firewall communicating securely with your database. This high security is another advantage of Microsoft SQL Server.

Customer Magnet

Your customers go to your Online Web Service from a simple link on your corporate web site which can be located anywhere. We'll configure the colours and logos to match your website so it's a seamless part of your business. With total confidence, you can respond to any RFQ or sales enquiry by letting them see your Online Web Service and indeed your entire system is world class.

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