Freight, Logistics and Distribution


The Azyra Multi-Country facilities maximise the advanatages of Multi-Company operation for groups operating in multiple countries.

For example, an export Job entered by staff in your company in China automatically appears as an import Job to the staff of your company in the Netherlands. Working off the same job record, the Chinese company arrange collection, transport to the port, and export documentation while the Netherlands company emails the advice of arrival, arranges release and transport to the final destination.

Stunning Efficiency

This seamless operation not only removes duplication and EDI exchanges but synchronises operations in both countries to provide a stunning level of efficiency.

Seamless Customer Service

Your customers will quickly appreciate that doing business with you is dramatically better – everyone in your business who needs it has cradle to grave information on all of their jobs – instantly.

Local and Group Accounting

In the above example, the Chinese and Netherlands see their own revenue, costs, and gross margin on any job or in any management or financial report while the head office and authorised users can see either the local or overall picture.

Intercompany Freight Charges

Freight Charges entered as Collect by the Chinese company can be accepted by the Netherlands company and cleared automatically through an intercompany account with full audit trail.

Multi-Lingual Documents

The multi-lingual facility allows the same document to be emailed, faxed or printed in a choice of languages.


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