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With other systems, multi-company usually means having a separate database for each company. Azyra gives you another choice – you can have multiple companies in the same database while retaining the integrity of each company's records.

For example, consider a group of three companies dealing with the same customer base where one company provides road freight, another company provides sea freight and the third provides air services.

Another example is a group with separate companies in different countries.

Companies are independent ...

Each company has its own jobs, staff, financials, customers and suppliers. To a staff member who only has permission to one company, it's as if the other companies don't exist.

... but unified

But to staff with permission to some or all companies, the companies' business can be viewed individually or as a seamless whole.

Customers and Suppliers linked to Companies

Any customer or supplier can be associated with one, all or some companies. So each user is only aware of customers and suppliers associated with their company.

Groupwide Credit Control

Credit control is much more effective as credit limits take account of the customer's liability to all companies in the group.

Unified Marketing

A unified approach to customers is presented and marketing management is greatly simplified and improved.

It's easier to see the overall picture

A single set of management reports and financial statements gives you a clear view. You can view reports for individual companies or on group basis.

Shared Transport Planning

Transport planning and purchasing can be shared - for example, the road freight company can handle collections and deliveries for the sea and air companies without having to enter separate jobs.

Accounting Efficiency

Accounting is more efficient because everything is in the one database while preserving the accounting integrity of each company.

Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany job charges and other transactions are automatically posted to both companies so no time is wasted on intercompany accounting. There are even intercompany bank transactions which automatically handle exchange differences.

Unified exchange rates

The same exchange rates table is automatically applied to all transactions for all companies giving you clarity and consistency.

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