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Microsoft SQL Server

Azyra is built on the world's best database – Microsoft SQL Server. In the hands of Azyra's highly experienced and skilled development team, Microsoft SQL Server gives you total reliability and performance – regardless of volumes.

Not all SQL is Microsoft

Many databases use the 'SQL' language but there are few which bear comparison with the awesome power and depth of Microsoft SQL Server.

Performance Guaranteed

We guarantee fast system responses to all your data entry and enquiries on appropriate hardware.

Azyra manages everything

Azyra automatically handles all database management and upgrades. For smaller companies this is essential and for large groups it frees IT people to add value in customer-facing developments.

IT friendly Schema

The Azyra database schema is clean and elegant so it gives high productivity for business intelligence and other value added developments.

24 hour Operation

Your hardware supplier or IT department can provide you with online backup so that your business can work around the clock.

Data Warehouse

Azyra comes with automatic data warehousing facilities so you can quickly leaverage the power of your favourite business intelligence tools.

Software Development Graduates

We are actively recruiting prospective and recent graduates in Engineering, IT, Maths and Science to join our world class software development team

Business Graduates

Join our world class team of Business Consultants.