Freight, Logistics and Distribution


Customers don’t award logistics contracts without a great deal of evaluation because their reputation with their own customers will depend on how well you manage and move their goods. To win the business you need to demonstrate that you have a really good system with total visibility at every step.


Azyra’s Logistics facilities enable you to provide world-class logistics for any type of customer, for any type of product, with any type of warehouse.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration of warehouse activities with freight movements gives you amazing efficiency and provides your customers with unbeatable service. Imagine the same system handling all of the following:

  • Freight inwards – local and international
  • Goods inwards and putting away
  • Pick and pack
  • Dispatch
  • Transport planning
  • Domestic transport
  • International freight by air, road or sea
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Tracking

Stock Tracking and Rotation

Serial and batch numbers and stock rotation requirements are handled easily. Different requirements for different stock items or customers are catered for automatically.

Warehouse Locations

Warehouse locations are managed efficiently. When goods are received, the system suggests locations which already have the same stock code. When preparing picking lists, the system suggests locations with available stock.

Multiple Warehouses

If you have multiple warehouses, you always see the stock position of an item across all warehouses.

Give your Customer a Global View

An extra benefit of integration of logistics and freight is that you can give your customers visibility of their stock including goods in transit.

Online Web Service

The Online Web Service automatically gives your customers full enquiry facilities for all aspects of their stock history and availability. When demonstrating your capability, you can easily show prospects how they can even see details of goods being put away and picked in real time.

Excise Bonded Warehousing

An optional facility caters for all the requirements of excise bonding. Excise reports and tracking are handled with minimal effort.

Your Customers' Requirements

Azyra makes it easy to manage logistics for multiple customers with diverse requirements for stock management, documentation and freight.

Full History

You can easily see the full history of all stock balances as at any point in time with drill-down to stock movements.


In addition to easy enquiry and comprehensive standard reports, special reports can easily be added as part of the system.

Calculation of Charges

Flexible calculation of charges for logistics services allows you to negotiate a variety of charging arrangements with confidence.


EDI facilities can be customised efficiently to integrate with your customers' systems.

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