Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Large Business

Azyra provides large and medium sized companies and groups with a way of dramatically increasing the business benefits of their IT investment. By handling all the core software requirements, Azyra frees IT resources to add value directly with customer focused EDI and customised solutions.

Eliminating the Risk

Large companies can afford customised software but this seldom brings the benefits expected and acts as a brake on business development. And when they opt for packaged software it usually requires customisation. So they still end up with a one-off system which is always a hindrance to rapid advancement.

Special Requirements

Because all the core functionality of a freight system doesn't change, we provide a single version of Azyra to all our customers so that automatic upgrades deliver continual improvements.

We meet special needs very effectively in several ways. Firstly if the requirement has general appeal, we incorporate it as a standard feature or option. If this is not the case, the internal design of Azyra allows us to provide the requirement and make it visible only where relevant.

We can also supply interfaces to your own add-on developments. Because Azyra's Microsoft SQL Server database is the most developer friendly you'll find there is no limit to your potential.

Rapid deployment

Azyra's ease of use and flexibility allows rapid deployment across large numbers of locations. And its amazing performance over broadband with Microsoft Terminal Services gives you dramatic savings on communications costs.

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