Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Rapid Installation

The professionalism of Azyra and its exact fit to your business makes installation smooth and fast. The ease of use leads to minimum training and gives you flexibility in organising and staffing your business.

Easy transfer from your old system

If your old system can output customer and supplier details and their outstanding transactions in Excel or CSV text format, then Azyra can read this to get you off to a flying start. If this is not possible, there are special rapid entry facilities.

There's no pressure point

With most systems, you must transfer all outstanding accounting transactions before you go live. This usually means pressure to bring everything up to date in the old system before going live. But Azyra allows you to go live and then bring in the outstanding transactions and trial balance over the course of the first month.

It's not like the last time

Installing a computer system is often stressful – but not with Azyra. As much care has been devoted to making it easy to install as making it easy to use.

Installation Plan

After you've seen Azyra, we'll tell you about the short installation plan for achieving the benefits of Azyra rapidly and smoothly – just like our existing clients.

Nominal Transfer

Nominal ledger balances can be imported rapidly from a spreadsheet with the trial balance from your old system. As with customer and supplier balances, this can be done after going live.

We're with you all the way

We understand the time critical nature of the freight business and the need for support which is rapid, friendly and competent. Because Azyra is supplied on a rental basis including full service, you're always our most important customer.

Continuous Improvement

Software doesn't get this good overnight, so you can see the results of listening carefully to our clients to continually refine and improve Azyra.

Software Development Graduates

We are actively recruiting prospective and recent graduates in Engineering, IT, Maths and Science to join our world class software development team

Business Graduates

Join our world class team of Business Consultants.