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Most freight systems were originally developed for just one type of freight and later adapted to other types of business. Azyra is different – it was designed from the ground up to be versatile while providing the ultimate efficiency for each type of freight. When you see a demonstration, you'll see the results of careful attention to detail and over 20 years working closely with companies handling your type of business.

Single Load and Consolidation

Single loads and consolidation jobs can be mixed and matched easily. For example, a job collected as a single load may travel on an international consolidation or vice versa. A job booked on a groupage trailer may be taken off at the last minute and sent as a single load.

Collection, International, Delivery

A job may have any number of movements of any type – collection, international or delivery.

Easy Consolidation

Jobs are easily attached and detached from consolidations. The total weight, cube and revenue of all jobs on a movement is updated in real-time. You can drill down from a movement to any job and from any job to all its movements.

Consolidations, single loads, own vehicles and subcontracting can be mixed and matched easily. For example, a job can be upgraded from a sea consolidation to a single load by air at the last minute.

Transport Planning

Azyra's transport planning for collection, delivery and international is state of the art with 'control tower' views of jobs, movements and cross dock activity. Transport planners can see everything they need with the status of jobs colour coded, and can use drag and drop with large screens. They see in real time the piece level information as it is updated by wireless barcode scanning in the warehouse.

Smaller businesses can use a variety of easy ways to manage transport activities.

Customer Instructions

Your customers' standard instructions are automatically applied to their jobs.


Multi-drops may be created easily from any job. For example a collection or import of one job with 12 pallets could be the source of 300 delivery drops.

Transport Documents

A comprehensive range of transport documents may be printed, faxed or emailed. Documents may be printed or sent individually or in bulk for a consolidation.

  • Advice of Arrival
  • Air Waybill and Air Cargo Labels
  • Certificate of Shipment
  • CMR
  • Collection and Delivery Notes
  • Container Instructions
  • FIATA Bills of Lading
  • Loading List
  • Manifest
  • Release Order
  • Sitpro Shipping Note

Special Documents

Using Crystal Reports Designer, create your own special documents by modifying any of the standard reports or starting afresh. You can easily add your special documents into Azyra to appear alongside the standard documents.

Word Documents

You can also create fully integrated transport documents using Microsoft Word.

Regular Jobs

The Azyra regular job facility is an extremely efficient way of handling large volumes. Any job can be used as a regular job template and you can easily designate which aspects of the job vary and which are repeated including:

  • Customer pricing tariff
  • Supplier costing tariff
  • Transport routing
  • Bill of Lading
  • Air waybill
  • C88

Repeat Jobs

You can repeat any job and control which aspects are copied.

One-off Addresses

One-off addresses are handled with maximum efficiency – they are automatically recorded for two purposes – rapid lookup to reuse them and for prospecting.

POD Scanning

PODs can be scanned rapidly and easily. The job status is automatically updated and the PODs are stored within the job. They can be viewed very easily by your customers and agents with the Azyra Online Web Service. Outstanding PODs due from agents and carriers are easily monitored.


Tariffs are often complex but in Azyra they are remarkably easy to use and extremely flexible. A tariff may apply to selected customers or suppliers or have general application. Prices and costs calculated from tariffs are automatically updated whenever the quantities change.

Costing and Accruals

Accruals are easily recorded against jobs and consolidation movements. Consolidation costs are automatically apportioned over the relevant jobs. As accounting is fully integrated with operations, supplier invoices are easily matched against jobs and accruals.

Automatic Pricing and Costing

As they are entered, jobs can be automatically priced and costed according to the relevant tariffs – all under the full control of the user. If the quantities on the job change after the job is booked, Azyra will automatically adjust the selling prices and costings.

Profitability at every stage

The profitability of every job and movement is always visible at every stage and so can be easily controlled before things go wrong.

Flexible Invoicing

Sales invoices are carefully designed for the freight industry to minimise queries and maximise efficiency. An invoice can be for a single job, a consolidation or any selection of jobs. Jobs which have been priced or tariffed when booked only require a few mouse clicks to invoice. You can issue any number of invoices for a job to different customers.

Invoices may be reprinted, emailed or faxed at any time. Subject to having the required special user permissions, you can reverse an invoice or reissue it with a revised amount or to a different account.

Prompt and Accurate Invoicing

The 'Jobs To Be Invoiced' report serves two key aims. First, it ensures that all jobs are invoiced promptly. Secondly, it shows the margin on every job based on its customer charges and costs.

Automatic Credit Control

Automatic credit checks are applied to jobs booked and received by EDI.

Seamless integration with financials allows these automatic checks to take account not only of outstanding invoices, but also current bookings and jobs not yet invoiced. Imagine a customer favours you with more jobs than usual because they have used up all their credit with your competitors. With your present system, you wouldn't spot this until all the jobs were invoiced – until it was too late.

Grouping of related customer accounts and contras offsets complete the picture for total, easy credit control.

Find any Job Instantly

Any job, regardless of age, can be recalled instantly with a wide variety of search keys including names, references, air waybill number, bol number, unit number, stock code, purchase order number, etc.

Total Control

Clear reports give you total control by pinpointing problems as they emerge. So you have the confidence that all jobs are delivered, invoiced and costed rapidly and accurately.

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