Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Ease of Use

Nothing matters more than making it easy to do the job properly. That's why we've made every aspect of Azyra easy to use, easy to manage and easy to support. So you'll quickly see that Azyra is radically better for your business.

Happy staff leads to happy customers

Azyra's outstanding ease of use brings new enthusiasm to your staff and management. So customers return because they like dealing with enthusiastic people who have every aspect of their business at their fingertips.

Look – no Icons

You're first reaction when you see Azyra is that everything is obvious with simple menus and options which need no explanation. Instead of guessing which icon means 'delivery' and which icon means 'collection', you see menus and options clearly labelled and carefully organised for your convenience.

Do everything at once

Azyra lets your staff multi-task with ease. For example while working on transport planning, they can take calls from customers or suppliers and find everything they need to know about the customer's and supplier's business. They can amend jobs, email copy invoices or whatever and jump right back to the consolidations whenever they want – all without guessing about minimised icons.

Only what they need

Each staff member sees only the options they need to do their job because Azyra lets you easily control their menu options and special permissions.

Anything from anywhere

Imagine you're talking to a customer about their overdue account and they have a query. Azyra lets you drill down effortlessly from the account to the invoice, to the job and see every aspect – including the history of who booked and updated it, who arranged the transport planning, what emails were sent and received, how it was priced, and full details of the quotation. If you're a senior credit controller with the special permission to issue credit notes, Azyra makes it simple to reissue the invoice and email it for immediate payment. And you can set up a reminder to follow up the payment and adjust the credit warning on the customer. Meanwhile Azyra ensures that the credit note and its reason are highlighted in management and financial reports. And not least, the adjustment is reflected in the current accounting period – so you have 100% agreement between your financial statements and your management reports.

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