Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Document Imaging and Electronic Filing

It's not an option

The standard facilities of Azyra include document imaging and electronic filing to bring you close to a paperless office. These facilities are easy to use and deliver immediate savings and efficiency.

All Paper Documents ...

Document imaging is available not just for PODs but for any paper documents – letters, contracts, customs documents, purchase invoices, bank statements or anything else.

... and Electronic Documents

The same easy electronic filing of images handles emails, faxes, spreadsheets and every type of electronic document.

Everything in its place

Azyra puts every image and electronic document where you expect to find it – if it's related to a job, you'll find it in the job, if it's a supplier's invoice, you'll find it with the purchase transaction, if it's a bank statement, you'll find it in the bank account, if it's a credit application, you'll find it in the customer. If it's a budget spreadsheet you'll find it in the budgets.

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