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Azyra’s CRM is far better than you’ve seen or imagined for four reasons. First it’s a seamless part of your entire business system. Secondly it has everything you could want in CRM. Thirdly it’s outstandingly easy to use. And best of all it’s tailored to your type of freight, logistics or distribution business.

It all starts with a prospect

We begin a demonstration of Azyra with a new sales prospect. You see how easy it is to manage the enquiry, prepare and email costed quotations, to follow them up, respond to queries, negotiate and issue revisions – all the way to a successful conclusion.

Turning prospects into customers

Then we convert the prospect to a customer and use the quotations to create fully priced and costed jobs so you see how Azyra handles air, road, sea and logistics business all the way through operations and financials.

Prospects and customers together

The Azyra CRM facilities apply equally to prospects and customers. Only users with a special permission can convert a prospect to a customer and apply credit terms. All the previous correspondence, notes, events and quotations are retained but now the customer is visible in operations and jobs can be created for the account.

Building customer loyalty

With Azyra your customers experience a new level of service because your staff have instant access to all necessary information about their quotations, jobs, goods, invoices, account, documents and emails. They can also can see all key information themselves on the outstanding Azyra Online Web Service.

Negotiate with knowledge

The better the knowledge you have about a customer and their business, the better you can sell and negotiate. Azyra lets you see every aspect of a customer’s business in one place – quotations won and lost, jobs, quality issues, KPIs, account and credit history, competitors and all correspondence and documents.

Sales diary and events

Sales events and appointments can be reported and planned easily.

Manage sales events

The Manage Sales Events option gives you a control tower view of sales events which have occurred or which are planned with selections by type of event, relationship, person responsible or sales representative.

Relationships and target categories

Customers and prospects can have a target category according to their importance and a relationship such as ‘Possible Prospect’, ‘Definite Prospect’, ‘Occasional Customer’, ‘Valued Customer’, ‘Key Partner’.

Manage relationships

The Account Management facility gives you a control tower view of customers and prospects with selection by relationship, target category, sales representative, competitor, country and city.

Simple or complex quotations

Quotations can be a simple as one line or as complex as a detailed proposal with any number of options for sea freight.

Quotation templates

Template quotations can be used to reduce time and effort to the minimum.

Tariffs in quotations

Azyra’s flexible tariffs (rate cards) for cost and selling prices can be used to price a specific quantity or incorporated in the quotation. For example, you could look up a tariff to get a collection rate for 4 pallets or quote the whole collection tariff with all the quantity breaks. A quote could consist of a selection of tariffs for collection, international, delivery and handling.

Pricing and costing jobs from quotations

Jobs created by from quotations are automatically priced and costed. On the other hand if a job is booked without knowledge of the quotation it will be automatically priced and costed

Proactive quotation follow up

Companies using Azyra usually have a team or person dedicated solely to using Azyra’s excellent quotation follow up facility. This vital but often neglected activity not only has an immediate impact on profits but provides a continual flow of information to steer the entire sales effort.

Lost quotations are valuable

The quotation follow up process allows lost sales to be easily analysed so you can direct your sales efforts and pricing much more effectively.

Lost business alerts

How do you know when a customer switches their business to a competitor? When someone studies a monthly sales report weeks later? Azyra’s Business Alert facility highlights lost business as soon as it occurs so you can react while the situation is still live.

Measuring profit not just turnover

Turnover can have little relation to profitability. Starting with fully costed quotations and operations fully integrated with financials, Azyra gives you exact profitability by any dimension - including customer, sales representative, service, route, department, division, location, company or country – so you can manage your business effectively at every level.

Calculate commissions and profit shares

Seamless integration with financials allows efficient calculation of commissions and profit shares.

Targeted bulk emails with attachments

Bulk personalised emails can be generated and sent to groups of customers and prospects based on a wide range of selection choices. The emails can even have attachments such as sailing schedules and tariffs.


You can import, manage and target email large lists of leads which can be converted to prospects when contact is made.


Azyra allows you maintain information on competitors and link them to prospects and customers. As well as informing your negotiations, this give you the tools to manage your reaction to competitors’ pricing and sales activity.

Multi-company and multi-country CRM

In a multi-company/multi-country scenario, users are only aware of customers and prospects belonging to companies and countries to which they have permission.

PowerPivot BI

To see the woods from the trees, Azyra provides excellent integration with Microsoft PowerPivot to slice and dice business performance on any measure without reams of paper reports.

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