Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Management Information

No other system comes close to Azyra's ability to provide you with the information you need to control your business, serve your customers and manage the future. This ability comes from Azyra's unique combination of:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • World class financials
  • Everything in a single database
  • Over 20 years of listening to our clients.

All management information agrees exactly with your financial statements and provides every possible breakdown – on demand and in an easy to read layout.

Information before it happens

Reports may only tell you what has gone wrong, so Azyra has a range of facilities to make things go right in the first place. The following are just a few examples:

  • Automatic credit warnings for bookings and quotations
  • Business alert – detects a fall off in jobs from customers
  • Quotations follow-up browser
  • Job profitability visible at every stage
  • Pieces left behind
  • Loading and Unloading exceptions
  • PODs outstanding by carrier


Customers increasingly demand KPI data – and they all want something just that bit different so it needs a new report or spreadsheet. Azyra makes it easy with flexible spreadsheet reports which you can design with drag and drop.

Special Reports

Special reports can be designed easily in Crystal Reports. The Azyra database is very report friendly and you can easily start by cloning an existing report.
You can easily add special reports into the menus alongside the standard reports.

Special Documents

Special freight documents can also be easily designed in Crystal Reports and added in alongside the standard documents.

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