Freight, Logistics and Distribution

POD Management

Automatic Scanning

Azyra's document imaging automatically identifies PODs from barcodes, files the images within the jobs and updates their status to delivered.

POD Barcodes

PODs printed from Azyra include barcodes. For customer's own PODs, you have two options. Firstly, small barcode labels can be printed and applied to the documents. Secondly, for high volume customers, Azyra has facilities to read barcodes on documents printed by your customers.

Electronic PODs

POD images received from carriers, agents and vehicle devices can be automatically matched to jobs using information in the EDI messages or from the image file name. If neither of these are available, they can be matched by visual inspection.

Following up PODs

There is comprehensive information on outstanding PODs by carrier, agent and vehicle for follow-up.

POD Performance

You can easily see the POD performance of any carrier, agent or vehicle so you can identify and remove or improve the causes of delays. You can also provide your customers with POD KPIs.

Online PODs

POD images are instantly available on your Azyra Online Web Service. Your customers and agents can find them easily using a wide variety of search keys including their own reference numbers.

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