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The Azyra accounting, costing and financial reporting facilities are the best you'll find anywhere. Combining ease of use with amazing power and flexibility, Azyra sets world class standards for what a financial system should be.

Seamless integration with Operations and Marketing

Other freight systems 'integrate' with an accounting system, but when you see Azyra you'll be amazed at the difference seamless integration of financials with operations and costing will make to your business.

All your Financial Requirements

  • Sales and Invoicing
  • Costing and Accruals
  • Purchases and Creditors
  • Automatic Creditors Payments
  • Bank Accounts and Reconciliation
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • Audit trail
  • Budgets

Everything you wished for

  • Drill-down to and from Operations and Marketing
  • Contra Accounting between Sales and Purchases
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-company
  • Departmental Analysis
  • Flexible accounting calendar

... and more

  • Document Imaging, electronic filing, follow-ups
  • Recurring transactions
  • Reverse, reissue, repeat transactions
  • One-off customers and suppliers
  • Internal costing
  • Reports as at any period or year
  • Multi-company – in the same database
  • Intercompany costing and transfers


Customer, supplier and bank accounts can be in any currency. Exchange differences are generated automatically when receipts and payments are entered. Even mixed currency accounts are easy to operate.

Account Enquiry

Details of customer and supplier outstanding accounts and their full history are easily available. You can print, email or fax a selection of invoices or a statement with a few clicks.

Credit Control

You've never seen credit control as easy and powerful:

  • Automatic credit warnings and stops on bookings and quotations
  • Credit limits take account of charges not yet invoiced
  • Grouping of related customers
  • Contra offsets
  • Electronic filing of all correspondence
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Due date analysis
  • Credit taken analysis

Fewer Accounts

Most systems require accounts to be opened to handle one-off invoices. Azyra allows one-off invoices without opening accounts. If a one-off invoice is still outstanding when statements are printed, faxed or emailed, then a statement is included for the invoice.

Similarly invoices from one-off suppliers don't require an account to be opened.


Freight costs are easily accrued against jobs and consolidations. You can use Azyra's excellent tariffs to ensure speed and acccuracy.

Purchase Invoices

Purchase Invoices are easily matched against accruals with full control over excesses and write-offs.


To remove the work of matching supplier invoices, you can easily generate a draft purchase invoice based on accruals and send it to the supplier. When you receive the official invoice from the supplier, it's simple and fast to enter the invoice number and any amendments and then post it – because it's already matched.

Accruals Control Account

Azyra automatically maintains an Accruals Control account with full double entry and analysis by age and supplier.

No Hiding Place for Costs

Azyra allows no hiding place for costs. Accruals exceeded and written-off are clearly reported in the Profit and Loss account and their effect on jobs reported in previous periods is highlighted in the management reports. There is an excellent report on accruals exceeded and written-off by department, user or supplier.

Bank Accounts

Debtors receipts and supplier payments automatically update the bank accounts. Sundry receipts and payments can be costed against jobs. Bank accounts are easily reconciled and the reconciliations can be viewed and printed for any past accounting period or year so there is no need for paper.


The Azyra accounting facilities handle all your overhead and non-trading transactions.

Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger is instantly updated by sales, purchases and bank transactions.

Recurring, template and accrual journals are easy to use and may have any supporting documents filed electronically.

Posting to any Prior Period or Year

Trial balance and all audit trail reports are available as at any period or year.

Financial Statements

The Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet may be printed, viewed or exported as at any period or any year.

  • Comparison with budget or previous year
  • Summary or detail
  • Export to spreadsheets
  • User defined presentations – e.g. for Management, Directors, Bank

Companies and departments may be shown individually or consolidated.

Nominal Enquiry

The Nominal enquiry features superb enquiry facilities so you can easily explore the financial results. You can enquire across companies, departments, accounts, subaccounts, periods and past years – in summary or detail. You can view debit, credit and balance columns or compare with budget or previous years.

Drill down has a new meaning

Total integration with freight operations allows you to view not only the transactions but full details of the jobs which gave rise to them.

Integration of electronic filing and document imaging allows you to instantly see the source documents, emails, faxes and word documents related to any financial transaction.

Agreement with Job Profitability Reports

A major benefit of Azyra's superb integration is that job profitability reports agree exactly with your financial statements.

Import Budgets from Spreadsheets

Azyra has a remarkable facility which allows you to import budgets from spreadsheets to the Nominal Ledger with maximum flexibility and minimum effort. No special coding or knowledge is required and you can import directly from the spreadsheets used to prepare and present the budgets. You can use a variety of flexible formats and you can easily revise the budgets at any time.

Reporting against Budget

The Profit and Loss Account shows period and year to date compared with budget or previous year. Departments and companies may be shown separately or consolidated.

Chart of accounts

Azyra has the most user-friendly chart of accounts structure you'll find anywhere. Companies, departments and sub-accounts are handled easily. The chart of accounts can be reorganised at any time.

Financial Control starts with the Users

You can easily manage what every user can do. As well as control over menu options, Azyra provides special permissions for sensitive activities such as opening customer accounts, issuing credit notes, writing-off or exceeding accruals.

Nominal accounts and bank accounts which are flagged as 'Confidential' are not visible to users without special permission.

Every transaction and job lists the history of by whom and when it was entered, updated, printed, faxed or emailed.

Integration with other Accounting Systems

If you require or prefer to use another accounting system instead of the Azyra ledgers, you can still gain major advantages. Azyra has superb facilities for exporting transactions with excellent control and audit trail.

You can do all your sales invoicing, costing and purchase invoice processing in Azyra and export the fully costed transactions to your ledger system. This gives you all Azyra's costing, accruals control and superb management information at gross profit level.

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