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Like everything else in Azyra, the Customs facilities for UK and Ireland are fully integrated not only with operations but with your financials giving major gains in efficiency, service and financial control.


Customs Declarations are seamlessly created from Jobs and automatically linked to them. This minimizes effort and ensures an up-to-date customs status alongside the operating status.


For UK Customs, Azyra has seamless ‘hot key’ integration with the excellent Sequoia system from ASM.


For Ireland you can use either of two excellent systems seamlessly integrated – Azyra’s own facility or CustomsWare.

Belgium, Dubai, Netherlands, Germany

For Belgium, Netherlands and Germany Azyra has seamless integration with the excellent CustomsWare system.

Other Countries

Integration with Customs systems for other countries is available on application.

Automatic Accounting for VAT, Duty and Excise

When Azyra detects that a Declaration has deducted VAT, Duty or Excise from your deferment account, Azyra automatically posts a sales invoice to your customer's account and a purchase invoice to match it. The Purchase Invoice is posted to a supplier account for Customs Tax Deferment. Therefore your deferment account is always reconciled and up-to-date.

Customs Credit Control

The automatic sales invoices for VAT, Duty and Excise have special features for credit control:

  • Their due date is immediate regardless of the customer's terms of credit.
  • They feature on a special 'Outstanding Customs Tax Invoices' report.

And of course Azyra's automatic credit warnings take them into account.

Customs Service Fees

The automatic customs tax invoices can include a service fee calculated as a lump sum or a percentage of the taxes charges to your deferment account.

Profit Reporting

Only the service fee element of Duty and Vat invoices is taken account of in job profitability reporting so your margins are not distorted.

Automatic Customs Alerts

You can setup automatic alerts for Customs events according to the requirements of individual customers. The alerts can be sent automatically by email, SMS text messages or EDI when Declarations are created and routing received.

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